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Wicked Wales


Wicked Wales: International Youth Film Festival was a journey we embarked on in 2016, and which takes place away from the Pop In Centre.  The festival is held annually at various locations along the North Denbighshire Coast and runs a yearlong programme of film clubs and community cinema screenings at the Little Theatre in Rhyl; this is known as Wicked Cinema. It has been developed as an affordable community-run pop up cinema and is only possible thanks to the committed group of volunteers who meet regularly to programme and market events. Wicked Wales has recently supported a group of young volunteers to set up #Cinema, which is run solely by young volunteers, with the aim of developing young cinema audiences.


The Wicked Wales Film Festival showcases short films made by young people in Wales and Internationally and is an opportunity to showcase films made by the many talented young filmmakers we have in Wales. There are also opportunities during the festival to work with many festival organisers and young filmmakers from a network of festivals from all over Europe.


Film competitions for the festival are open to young filmmakers up the age of 25yrs and application forms in English and Welsh can be downloaded from the website www. and the festival will accept films to be entered if they have been made within in the last 2 years of the festival date. A link to the festival website can be found on our ‘useful links page’.

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